Laura and Andrew’s Love Story

Flaxton Fantasy  

As March of 2018 came to an end, autumn began to settle in the hills of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The summer heat eased to a soothing chill, leaves shrivelled into the colours of sunset and afternoon fog glided among the bunya pines. The environment experienced a seasonal change, and so did the relationship between newly-engaged Laura and Andrew.   

After falling in love with the location, the couple chose Flaxton Gardens as the ideal venue for their wedding. The flexible options for outdoor ceremonies and wet weather, nearby accommodation and a range of inclusions ensured their wedding would be as functional as it was charming. Thus, when rain surprised the couple on their wedding day, the Flaxton Gardens Team rearranged the ceremony in the atmospheric Barrel Room. But the poor weather was hardly an ‘“Aww” moment,’ said Laura. ‘[The Hinterland is] beautiful and moody when the rain is misty and the cloud is low.’   

An Enchanting Ceremony   

Flaxton Gardens offered their help and friendly support for the ceremony. While Laura and Andrew organised a photobooth backdrop and table centrepieces, the Flaxton Gardens Team prepared vintage decorations for the ceremony and reception. When ‘the layout for the table centrepieces didn’t quite go to plan,’ Laura explained, ‘the lovely team at Flaxton just ran with it and used their creative brains to rearrange and produce lovely centrepieces.’   

Mariana, the Wedding, Events and Marketing Director, provided some quick advice to Laura just minutes before her walk down the aisle. ‘Mariana stood with me and my father while we waited,’ Laura said. ‘That’s when it all hit me and the tears started to well up! Mariana told me that if I feel like I’m going to start crying to think of ‘Pink Marshmallows.’ And it worked! The ceremony ran smoothly, the staff provided friendly assistance where it was needed and the weather proved to be magical.  

Magic Memories 

Thanks to the Flaxton Gardens Team, Laura and Andrew were blessed with a finely polished and whimsical wedding. The couple were grateful to have chosen Flaxton Gardens as a wedding venue and the guests were equally as pleased with the location. ‘The venue is just beautiful!’ they said. ‘The gardens are so well maintained and there is ample room for all the guests to mingle post-ceremony.’ 

Laura told us how the ceremony quickly became the crowning moment of the day. She and Andrew decided no phones would be allowed to film as they became husband and wife. This turned out to be quite a positive decision! ‘It was just perfect. Everyone was so present for our ceremony. They laughed, they cried, and they just appreciated what was in front of them.’ 

Congratulations Laura and Andrew on your beautiful marriage! 

The Wedding Team: