Making memorials or wakes unique

Making memorials or wakes unique with Flaxton Gardens

Have you ever wondered how to make your celebration of life unique to you in a relaxing environment on the edge of the

picturesque Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Or wanted to have your love one remembered in a unique funeral service  –  Funerals at Flaxton Gardens 

We help make a farewells , memorials or  modern wakes befitting for your loved one, in a location that lets you look out to the ocean of the whole Sunshine Coast.

Doing it differently with a rustic elegance and a timeless view, with beautiful styling, cuisine and florals befitting a celebration of your loved one.

Or if you want to celebrate your life in a beautiful living wake, we are happy to help create exactly what you want, in the way you would like it to be.

Funerals at Flaxton
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Celebrate the life of your loved one in tranquil, elegant surrounds.

Many of us  resonate with the outdoors and the feeling of not being in a traditional chapel or funeral home.
You have the chance to do it differently for not only yourself but to support your family and friends.
A celebration of life is the gathering of family, friends and colleagues – who join to celebrate the passing of a loved one.
With expansive coastal and Hinterland views, Flaxton Gardens is the ideal venue to celebrate life but also relax the family who in some instances have already endured too much.
It is also child friendly and not a somber as some environments making the day easier on the children.


Have a live wake

Now this is actually a beautiful thing and lets you celebrate with those you love. If you feel it is too late when you are gone you may like to celebrate
with all your loved ones before that time comes. We have many requests to make this happen in a sensitive and loving way so it is a
real celebration of life and a trip down memory lane with all of your friends and family. For some it is a party they don’t want to miss out on and it eases the journey with love.
Funerals at Flaxton
Beautiful farewell in nature, with views of the whole Sunshine Coast

 A real celebration of life

If you wish to plan your own memorial or wake in advance we can make it a exquisite with styling, florals and celebration food.
As one client explained a packet of  pre packaged biscuits and tea or coffee are not a reflection of a life spent well with family and friends… bring on the foods we used to share and the wine we used to toast with!
And remember the good times!
And from that brief we gathered entertainment, florals, styling and
a celebration of life  that reflected what the client wanted after passing.

 Create a unique Farwell ceremony

As weddings ceremonies have changed so have funeral services, reflecting a more modern approach and a real embracing of a loved ones life. Especially in times of tragedy or when someone is taken from us way to soon