Sarina and Tim’s Love Story

A Flaxton Gardens Wedding

No wedding could be lovelier than one spent in warmth, tranquillity and the intimacy of family and friends. This can be attested by Sarina and Timothy, newlyweds who had the joy of experiencing such a wedding at Flaxton Gardens. They entrusted the Flaxton Gardens Team with their dream of an unpretentious and homely wedding, and the couple was blessed with a day that perfected a three-year romance. 

What started as a friendship as co-workers in 2015 became a strong and affectionate relationshipSince their first date, the couple ‘have never looked back,’ sealing their love with a proposal over champagne and surf at Whitehaven Beach. When they began venue-hunting, Flaxton Gardens stood out from the rest. ‘As soon as we arrived at our first meeting, we knew the venue was perfect fous,’ Sarina said. ‘Nothing was too hard, and the team at Flaxton took care of everything.’ 

Classic Elegance 

The couple intended to have a ‘simple and classic’ wedding with a relaxed atmosphere for the guests, and the Flaxton Gardens Team had no trouble granting their wishes. Green, white and gold with a touch of timber adorned the ceremony and reception – ‘nothing too extravagant,’ as Sarina pointed out.  

For reception in the wineryplates of delicious food were laid on lengthy tables to mimic an old-fashioned feast. This allowed everyone to eat what they wanted on the night and made the vibe more relaxing, social and like you would eat dinner at home,’ Sarina said.  

This comforting atmosphere was carried through the couple’s first dance. This was their greatest fear during the planning stage, but a few lessons calmed their nerves. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Lauryn Hill was both romantic and upbeat, which as Sarina said, ‘helped us look less awkward than we were feeling,’ and opened up the dance floor to family and friends. ‘The end result was a beautiful, relaxing & really fun day.’  

A Heartfelt Ceremony

“Take a deep breath and walk to me. I love you.”

For both Sarina and Timothy, the highlight of the day was the sentiment of their marriage itself. Prior to the ceremony, the bride shared a weepy moment with her family when she emerged in her wedding gown. And just before she left, Sarina’s qualms and emotions were calmed when she received a text from her fiancé: Take a deep breath and walk to me. I love youI knew after that, that everything would be fine,’ said Sarina. 

Timothy also told us with such tenderness, “I went to such great lengths to not know what Sarina was wearing on the day or what she would look like. Seeing her for the first time at the top of the aisle… it was the single greatest moment of my life.”  

With help from the Flaxton Gardens Team, Sarina and Timothy were able to celebrate their love and companionship with a light-hearted and intimate marriageFinally, Sarina left some advice to future couples on their wedding day. “Take a moment with your partner on the night to take in what is happeningThere is so much planning involved and the day flies byso take a moment to enjoy your hard work!”

We wish Sarina and Timothy all the best in their marriage! 


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