Spring Wedding Love in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Spring Wedding Love in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Spring in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is glowing with colour, it is still sometimes fresh in the evenings but the days are normally gloriously beautiful! Making it a popular time for Spring wedding weekend getaways. Highlighting the crisp coastal views from the ceremony area, which stretch from Noosa to Moreton Island encompassing some of the best views of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Springtime in our villages of Montville and Maleny are always busing with love, life and activity in our special part of the world. The air has that special country, earthy fragrance and a feeling of blissful days, with cows in the fields, scenic roadways and a relaxed vibe of tranquillity.

The Love Story of Elizabeth & Trevor  September 2019

THE PROPOSAL: I, Elizabeth, am obsessed with gorgeous Views. Always looking for a sunset and beautiful horizon. Trevor drove me up to the Hinterland one day for lunch and we stopped at all the best possible lookouts to get a glimpse of the hinterland at every angle. On the way back down the mountain, he stopped at one more where whilst taking in the gorgeous view sitting on a rock he said some very lovely and romantic things. He then jumped off the rock and dropped to one knee and asked those amazing four words! He says he was never nervous as “Yes” was a definite.

Our Song

“I don’t dance” – Lee Brice

Out of all the wedding traditions, the first dance was the one we were both the most nervous about. As Trevor is in the defence force, we barely spent a week together in the upcoming months before the wedding. We had no opportunity to prepare and even agreeing on a song was very last minute. As soon as the Lee Brice song came on Trevor said that it’s the perfect song! It speaks so true to his nerves about showing off his non-existent dance skills to 60 people! I love it because it reminds me of him! We opted for the awkward shuffle as our dance and when the chorus sings “Spinning you ‘round and around” he picked me up and just spun me. It was so fun we could barely stop laughing and smiling.

Special Touches

My mum’s cousin Jane performed the Cake cutting prayer and toast which includes the lighting of our candles. She also performed the exact same prayer at my parent’s wedding 26 years ago. It was very special to both her and us.

What’s the best piece of advice the Flaxton Gardens team gave you?

At the very last second right, before the beautiful big barn doors opened to finally reveal myself and dad, Marianna told me to remember to breathe. It seems silly but the suspense is so high those few seconds before, I can see how some people would completely lose it. A friendly face-pulling you back into that moment meant that I was able to take it all in from the first step!

Newlywed Advice (for other couples planning their wedding):

Don’t sweat the small stuff. If things go wrong in the schedule or don’t turn out how you imagined, only you will know. It’s been 3 months and we still receive compliments on how well our wedding was put together.

What was the Bride’s highlight of the day?

The thrill of the big doors opening and seeing Trevor at the end of the aisle. It was so exciting to see his face!

What was the groom’s highlight of the day?

Watching his Bride make her way down the aisle, followed closely by, the cake!


RECEPTION VENUE: Flaxton Gardens

INVITATIONS: Design Template from Etsy and modified ourselves.

CELEBRANT: Kath Tilly Celebrant

PHOTOGRAPHY: Graeme Passmore

VIDEO: Graeme Passmore

BRIDE’S DRESS: Wendy Makin


HAIR: Holly Stewart Hair

MAKEUP: Pure Nava Makeup Artist

SUITS: Tarocash

FLOWERS: A Rustic Affair (ceremony florals), Love Lane Designs (Bouquets & Buttonholes), Willowbud (reception florals)

CAKE:  Tempt Patisserie Noosaville


MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT: Wooden Bowtie Entertainment

CARS OR OTHER TRANSPORT: Hinter- Coast Transport (guest buses)

SPECIAL SERVICES  Fairy Light Curtain, Say it with Lights, iShoot Photobooth