Theme your Wedding


We have many different themes to choose from. Your style of wedding is entirely up to you – the theme you choose to run with for your wedding is a way of saying who you are as a couple, without having to speak! Our personable wedding consultants can assist you as much or as little as you need with this. A few common themes we have worked with include:


Rustic-themed weddings can often be confused as being similar to country-style weddings. Rustic weddings are often a combination of country and vintage themes. Log chunks, scattered flowers, vintage furniture, and decorative wine barrels are all great concepts to create a rustic theme.


If you’re thinking of having an elegant-style wedding think black tie, tasteful, fine or luxurious in dress. Every element (bonbonniere, place cards, menu boards, seating charts) should be of a high standard in quality. Popular colours for an elegant wedding are the classic ones – white, gold, black and silver.


For creating vintage-style weddings, think old-world style – bringing guests back to days gone by – vintage toys and furniture pieces, old telephones, typewriters, clocks, and books all work very well to create a vintage-themed wedding.


For country-style weddings think scattered wine barrels with bar stools, hay bales, festoon lighting, country roses on tables, bridal photography in a field, sunflowers and hessian/lace runners. If you’re loving the sound of all these things, then maybe a country wedding is for you?


To achieve the boho wedding look be adventurous – don’t be afraid to go crazy with flowers! It is quite common to see bridesmaids and brides with down-style, wavy hair and a natural or glittery/shimmery makeup look. Think hippie/gypsy style with an artistic flair.


These weddings are sleek and polished. Colour is often monochromatic or a palette with bold contrast. Lines will be clean and unfussy. Modern brides often opt for sheath dresses over princess gowns. Flowers will usually be bold, but minimalist.

Commence planning your wedding theme with our expert consultants