Visit Sunshine Coast Familiarisation Tour

We were visited in May by a fabulous team of volunteers from various Visitor Information Centres around the Sunshine Coast, lead by Bev Dooley of Visit Sunshine Coast.

With the aim to experience Flaxton Gardens’ amazing hospitality, they were treated to Flaxton’s Famous High Tea. The group were then taken on a tour of the venue by our proprietor, Alan Thompson, including the wedding reception areas – the Barrell Room, the Winery and The Vineyard Restaurant – and the beautiful manicured gardens.

These lovely volunteers are now full of information about Flaxton Gardens to share with Sunshine Coast visitors. Be sure to ask plenty of questions when you are next in a Visitor Information Centre around the Sunshine Coast!

Just a thank you to Mariana and Allan for their time and generous morning tea yesterday as I was part of the visiting Volunteer group. You have created a spectacular destination and your willingness to please is evident through your talents and generosity.
– Julie Anderson