Naomi and Ross – An Italian Affair

Our Dream Wedding

Ross and Naomi were blessed with a magical yet cosy marriage at Flaxton Gardens in December, 2017. The weekday wedding had everything they could have wished for – summer weather, meaningful moments shared with family and an emotional ceremony. However, in their prior preparations, they were unsure which venue could handle such a significant day in their lives. The engaged couple wanted their wedding to embody who they were as partners and individuals and leave them with an experience they could never forget. But they were held back by the cost and venture of such an occasion.

Luckily, Flaxton Gardens accommodated all their requests. Naomi said eagerly, “When we arrived we instantly fell in love and knew straight away that this [was] where we should go.” She and Ross were able to have their, “dream wedding,” with no worries about budget or poor service. The team at Flaxton Gardens offered the couple a wide range of wedding options, including selections of decorations, menu items and ceremony locations. With these, Naomi and Ross could bring the vision for their wedding to life.

A Taste of Italy

The couple’s hope for their wedding was to feature their own personalities and tastes in the ceremony and reception. These took shape in the form of decorations and food options. Naomi told Flaxton Gardens, “We wanted our wedding to be very ‘us’ so we incorporated a lot of personal and DIY items.”

They crafted their own dream for the day with a rustic atmosphere and embellishments of ivory, lavender and other greenery. Also, they drew on Ross’s Italian heritage and included the tradition of five sugared almonds for their bonbonniere, representing health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and long life. These elements were paired with Flaxton’s wedding inclusions – such as white lanterns, flower jars and candles – to complete the rustic theme.

Another memorable part of the wedding was Flaxton’s flexibility with the menu options. The couple requested for Ross’s favourite meal to be included in the menu, and Flaxton Gardens easily accommodated for it. “Even though chicken parmagiana wasn’t on the menu, Flaxton Gardens made it happen and Ross couldn’t have been happier,” Naomi said.

Unforgettable Moments

Thanks to Flaxton Gardens, Naomi and Ross were able to celebrate their union with friends and family and bask in the perfection of the day. They took suggestions from the Flaxton team onboard and enjoyed high tea, lolly buffets and a gorgeous sunset over hinterland views with all of the important people in their life. The guests, “couldn’t stop raving about how fun and beautiful the wedding was,” and, “were very happy with the amount of food on offer.”

The couple adored many unique features of Flaxton Gardens, including the magic of the dance floor, the barrel room and the onsite accommodation. Naomi also said, “the staff were so friendly and approachable,” and assisted them with the timing of the ceremony and the set up/pack down of the wedding. The team’s amazing support ensured the day was smooth and meaningful for the couple.

The ceremony was poignant, and the newlyweds now hold many precious memories from the wedding.

The couple remembered surprising Naomi’s grandmother with a birthday cake, and the t-shirt their nieces and nephews made for Ross, labelled Promoted to Uncle. 

Naomi finished by telling Flaxton Gardens, “I was super excited to stand with Ross under the festoon lights. It was a moment we won’t ever forget.”


The team at Flaxton Gardens wishes Naomi and Ross all the best for their future together, and are grateful to the couple for sharing their experience.

The Wedding Team

Celebrant: Peter Richards (Bride’s Dad)
Hair: Evalyn Parsons (Senior Stylist)
Make up: Natalie Hunter
Wedding car: Kombi Celebrations
Florist: Heavenly Blooms
Wedding Cake: by Bride (Naomi) and Groom (Ross), flowers added by Heavenly Blooms
Nan’s Birthday Cake (brought out during reception): Cakes by Cait
Photographer: Ink & Ivory
Videographer: Jeff Bean (family friend)