90 Days to Nuptials – Jocelyn and Daniel

How to Organise Your Wedding in 90 days

Let’s get real – weddings are exhausting. Venues, celebrants, photographers and entertainers must be booked, the wedding dress needs to be purchased, the vows have to be written and so forth. With every detail, the average time it takes to plan a wedding is six to twelve months. But with the help of Flaxton Gardens, newlyweds Jocelyn and Daniel managed it in only three!

After a previous dinner overlooking the misty views of Flaxton Gardens, the couple decided with unwavering confidence that the venue was perfect for their future wedding. The “unique… atmosphere and service” and “beautiful scenery” were part of what attracted them to Flaxton Gardens. Jocelyn and Daniel quickly set the date, but were left with three months to organise everything.

Leave all the organising to us!

Luckily, the Flaxton Gardens Team stepped in to provide all the necessary information regarding suppliers, event timings, and food choices. “They also helped us by making numerous suggestions, right down to the songs we may have wanted to use down the aisle,” says Jocelyn. “It really took a lot of the stress and pressure off us as a couple for the organisation of a wedding.”

Flaxton Gardens ensured that Jocelyn and Daniel weren’t overwhelmed by any anxiety other than the normal wedding nerves. Flaxton Gardens helped the couple to decide on a theme for the wedding, supplied decorations and offered a timesheet to coordinate the day. Despite the short time frame, the wedding was a success, with the ceremony being the highlight.

We are glad we had our wedding at Flaxton because it just took a lot of stress off us that we didn’t need.
– Jocelyn and Daniel

Top 5 Tips for Planning a Wedding in 90 Days

After such a brilliant and memorable experience, Jocelyn and Daniel gave us their five top tips for planning a wedding in 90 days:

  1.   When it comes to making choices, follow who and what you want as a couple.
  2.   Don’t expect things to be perfect. Enjoy the journey, as it will help you actually enjoy your wedding day, which we did!
  3.   Choose a professional MC – we did and it makes your whole reception enjoyable and less stressful.
  4.   Expensive doesn’t mean perfect but you also want quality to make your wedding day enjoyable.
  5.   Choose Flaxton Gardens!

Three months and no stress or slip-ups! “Flaxton Gardens had everything we needed,” Jocelyn told us. “Having the ceremony and reception in one place, made it so easy.”   

The joyful bride leaves us with one important note to remember:

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you and your partner need to enjoy your day – which my husband and I did.

Let Flaxton Gardens make your Wedding Dreams a reality

Planning a wedding in 90 days is absolutely possible and can be so easy.  The main factor to consider is where the guests are travelling from – obviously, if the guests are travelling a long way (eg. from overseas), they would need time to book flights, etc. If that is not an issue, then there is no reason why you can’t plan your wedding in 90 days.  

Flaxton Gardens offers a variety of Wedding Options for you to choose from, but this is only a guide and we are flexible in tailoring these to suit your wedding needs. We do believe each wedding is individual and with this as the foundation, we help you plan your day to perfection, creating your dream wedding. We are passionate about reflecting the personalities of our Brides and Grooms in the wedding day and we believe we achieved this with Jocelyn and Daniel’s wedding.  We feel so privileged to have been part of their wedding day and to have helped them make their wedding dreams come true.